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Eachine EV300o and Skyzone 04X | Best FPV Goggles

The Eachine EV300o and Skyzone 04X goggles are very similar products. Both of them are excellent OLED FPV goggles and they are putting FatShark on notice. The new RapidMix module utilizes merging technology similar to Rapidfire and it comes already as part of the package. These aren’t cheap goggles but might be the best buy if you want to step into OLED goggles. Don’t miss the discount codes at the bottom of the article.

Eachine EV300o and Skyzone 04X

Getting the right pair of FPV goggles is important. You want something that fits comfortably and that is largely personal preference. Typically low-profile goggles like the EV300o are lighter and more comfortable. You need something that will give you a clear and consistent picture. OLED goggles will typically give you the best picture. After that, you’ll want a high-quality receiver and Rapidfire typically has been the best with its signal merging technology.

eachine ev300o and skyzone 04x

The EV300o and Skyzone 04X goggles combine the best of both. You get high-quality OLED screens and they ship with a signal merging receiver. The biggest difference between the two is the size and resolution of the screens. The Skyzone 04X goggles give you a better resolution at 1280 x 960 and a wider field of view at 46 degrees. This is perfect for people that like the immersive experience. However, they will cost you about $100 ($580 vs 480) more than the Eachine model.

The EV300o goggles however have a 1024 x 768 resolution and a 35-degree field of view. This is very similar to the Skyzone 03o OLED goggles.  I personally like the smaller field of view but would enjoy the extra bit of resolution. Still, for an analog goggle, this is very good.

eachine ev300o and skyzone 04x

Steadyview and RapidMix modules

Both goggles come with a signal merging module installed. You’ll pay $100-150 extra to add one if you were to opt for a FatShark goggle. Eachine calls it the RapidMix and Skyzone the Steadyview but it is essentially the same. It merges the signal, rather than switching like a typical diversity receiver. That eliminates some of the quick flashing and flickering that you’ll see with the diversity switch.

It is very good but not quite on par with Rapidfire. The nice thing is that both goggles come with a second bay so you could add a second module and have four signals working together. The Eachine EV200D goggles shipped with quad-versity antennas and that was awesome. Order a second module and upgrade here.

skyzone 04x fpv

Hardware and software upgrades

The goggle design is new and the clunky buttons have been replaced on top with two jog wheels. I find navigating the menus and switching bands and channels both easier and faster. There is now a USB-C connection on the bottom that can be used to update firmware or power the goggles via a power bank.

eachine ev300o and skyzone 04x

There is a focus adjustment on the bottom from -6 to +6 and you can move the IPD from 58-71 mm. There is an HDMI in so these goggles will be compatible with the FatShark Sharkbyte digital system. My goggles seemed to be overexposed initially but I was able to adjust the settings to fix that. There also is a firmware version upgrade that should help. You can access that here. You can operate the goggles in either 4:3 or 16:9 depending on the FPV camera you are using and there are preset screen settings you can test out. I found that the  Soft setting works best for me.

skyzone vs eachine
The OLED Skyzone O3o and the Eachine EV300o are both excellent options.

When you purchase the goggle you’ll get two cheap antennas, a carrying case, two faceplates to help with fitment, two foam eye pads, and a handful of cables. You’ll want to upgrade your antennas. I personally prefer flying with two omni antennas. I’m a big fan of the Foxeer Lolipop antennas. Order one here.

eachine ev300o

Should you upgrade?

If you already have a pair of FPV goggles it is hard to recommend that someone spend another $480-580 on these goggles. Yes, they are better than the 03o OLEDs I have but it is an incremental improvement. If you are looking to upgrade from a box goggle then this is something I’d look into. Both the Eachine EV300o and Skyzone 04X are top-of-the-line options and compare favorably to the Fatshark OLED models especially when you factor in the price and included modules. Use these discount codes to save cash: CN warehouse: BGcn03Evw, US$469.99; US warehouse: BGus3O3v , US$479.99

Order the Eachine EV300o FPV gogglesOrder the Skyzone 04X FPV goggles

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