top 5 fpv accessories

Top 5 FPV accessories. Learn more

Flying FPV is an absolute blast. However, it can get expensive quick. Here are five good but inexpensive accessories that will make flying FPV both easier and even a little better.

An FPV Bag

iflight backpack

Having a bag to transport your valuable equipment is key. You’ll want something that was designed to protect your gear. You can pick up an FPV designed backpack or case without breaking the bank. I’m a big fan of my iFlight backpack. It won’t break the bank at $45 and has adjustable padding to suit your specific needs. It is well padded, has a spot for your laptop and water bottle and even comes with a rain cover.

Order the  iFlight backpack

uruav bag

If you want something less expensive the URUAV carrying case is only $25. It is excellent for 65 or 75 mm micros. It will hold batteries, your remote and a little more gear. It isn’t large enough to pack your goggles but since most goggles typically have their own case maybe that isn’t an issue.

Order the  URUAV case

FPV Camera

runcam 3s fpv camera

If you are flying FPV then you definitely want some quality footage of your flights. The Runcam 3S is an excellent option. It is a small, GoPro Session style camera at a fraction of the cost. It is capable of shooting 1080p at 60 fps which is what you want for your videos. It will easily strap on top of most 5-inch quads. It is our recommendation for under $100.

Order the  Runcam 3S

If you want a cheaper option you can get a pretty solid action camera from Amazon for under $50. It may not look quite right and you’ll have to fabricate something to get it on, but it will certainly do the job.

Order an inexpensive Action Camera 

FPV Goggles

eachine ev200d fpv goggles

I love my Eachine EV200D goggles. These quad diversity goggles have better range than my more expensive Fatshark Dominator V2s. When it comes down to bang for your buck these absolutely are the best deal. While they aren’t cheap at $275, they still will save you a couple of hundred dollars when compared to Fatsharks.

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Lipo Battery Bag

lipo battery bag

This inexpensive item is a necessity that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can pick up a Lipo battery bag for less than $10. While it won’t stop all fires from happening it can certainly help minimize damage. Make sure you always inspect your batteries before and after flights and never leave them unattended when charging. Check out our test here.

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Micro Quad

emax tinyhawk vs happymodel mobula 7 vs trashcan

If you are going to fly FPV then you absolutely need a micro quad. There are a ton of 65 and 75 mm brushless options out there. I recommend taking a look at either the Emax Tinyhawk or the Happymodel Mobula 7. If you plan on flying mostly in angle mode the Tinyhawk is the way to go. If you are an acro flyer then pick up the Mobula 7.

Buy an Emax Tinyhawk 

Buy a Mobula 7

Flying FPV

Flying FPV is a lot of fun and picking up some of these items will make it a lot more convenient. Something as simple as a bag might not seem like a big deal but it makes getting your stuff out to the field a lot easier. Happy Flying!

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