Can a Li-Po Fire Resistant Bag Protect You in Case of a Fire?

We wanted to know if one of these LiPo battery bags would help protect us in case of a fire. So we tested it out by of course starting a fire. Check out our video below to see how it turned out. If you want to know if these bags could be helpful keep on reading.

Lipo BagsFire resistant LiPo battery bags are one way to minimize damage that a faulty battery might cause during charging. Lithium polymer batteries are great for drones, however recently there has been some concerns about them catching fire.  Battery explosions and fires killed the hoverboard craze.  The majority of the problems were due to poorly manufactured products or improper charging.  The folks at Half Chrome want you to be safe, so we thought we would review a couple of options that may protect you in case your batteries were to ignite. These two bags are different colors, but that’s about where the difference ends. They seem to be made of identical fabrics and have identical construction.

Dynamite 1400 Li-Po Charge Protection Bag

8.4 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches


LiPo Guard Bag
                                    9.1 x 7.1 x .24 inches


We put some serious stress on a few Li-Po batteries we had laying around and the results were eye-opening.  There were some flames and definitely some smoke.  In some of these stress tests, it would be reasonable to assume that had the batteries been in the bag it would have minimized some of the damage surrounding the battery.  These bags will help minimize damage with smaller batteries, but would NOT be recommended for larger batteries similar to ones used on the DJI Phantom.  The crew at Half Chrome is working to develop something that would help to secure these larger batteries.

LiPo Bags

Do you want to see what happens when one of these batteries catch fire?  We thought so.  We also thought that a thermal camera would be a nice touch.  In no way do we believe any bag would have helped protect anything from the destruction we caused.

The two bags we chose were essentially identical bags.  Half Chrome Drones would suggest you pick up one of these bags to give you a little more piece of mind. That said, nothing is fool proof.  Make sure you inspect your batteries and your chargers.  Never charge your drone on a pile of gasoline soaked sawdust either…

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