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Skyzone 03S FPV Goggles. Are they more 03O or 02X?

The new Skyzone 03S FPV goggles are marketed with the awesome 03O goggles. On the outside, they look pretty much the same, but when you take a peek inside you’ll notice that they are two very different sets of goggles. I think a better comparison to the Skyzone 03S goggles might just be my previous favorite pair of goggles the Skyzone 02X.

Skyzone 03S FPV goggles

The new Skyzone 03S are essentially a refresh of the older Skyzone 03 goggles. They are a really nice set of goggles and I’ve decided to adopt them as my new daily drivers. However, they do not have the beautiful OLED screens the Skyzone 03O goggles use. The internals otherwise are pretty much the same. You can think of them as an upgrade to the already really nice Skyzone 02X goggles.

skyzone 03s vs 03o

The screens on the Skyzone 03S may not be OLED but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. In fact, they are incredibly nice and I think they are better than the Skyzone 02X and the OLED Fat Shark Attitude V5  goggles. They feature an 800 x 600 resolution screens and have an adjustable IPD of 57.5-69.5. The field of view is an immersive 37 degrees.

The Skyzone 03S vs. Skyzone 02X

There are some other areas where the 03S are an improvement over the 02X goggles. They have two different faceplate options so they will likely have a better fit on your face. They also feature an improved head strap and the faux leather padding is a bonus. The 03S even have an adjustable LED light in the front that you can customize to your liking. The DVR does H.264 encoding as well.

skyzone 03s vs 02x

You can power the 03S on a 2-6S lipo and there is an included long battery connector. It also comes with a nice carrying case. There are plenty of inputs and outputs on the bottom of the goggles including AV, head tracker and HDMI.

Should you buy the Skyzone 03S goggles?

I really like these Skyzone 03S goggles and I would say they are an upgrade from my Skyzone 02X goggles. However if I already have the 02X or a similar pair of goggles I wouldn’t recommend upgrading. They are nicer but currently at $369 are $90 more than the Skyzone 02X goggles. If you want to upgrade I’d suggest saving up for the Skyzone 03O goggles. Those OLED screens are fantastice but at $465 are certainly a little bit pricier.

 Check the price of the Skyzone 03S/03OCheck the price of the Skyzone 02X/02C

skyzone 03o

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