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Radiomaster T12 | Best for beginners on a budget

The Radiomaster T12 is another excellent radio but this one if very different from the TX16 that I use. This one is smaller and a great option for a beginner looking to get into the hobby on a tighter budget. It is also a good option for anyone that feels the current options are too big and bulky. The Radiomaster T12 is a smaller, lighter and less expensive alternative to a lot of the bigger models out there and a good place to start for a beginner.

Radiomaster T12

Having a good radio to control your quad is important. If you are looking to get into the hobby the first thing I’d recommend you do is get a radio and practice on a simulator. I tell people to do this BEFORE even buying a drone. Then once you select the drone for you you won’t destroy it on day one. Radiomaster is a quality company and they have been putting out some quality remotes. The T12 was not built to be the top of the line model, but rather a solid entry for someone looking to get into the hobby.

Radiomaster TX12 features

The first thing I notice about the T12 is its size. It is small and lightweight. I often feel like the best options are big and bulky, especially when I’m flying a tiny whoop. It is a 16 channel radio and has four 3-position switches, two press buttons, and two sliders. The gimbals have a good feel. My initial assessment isn’t that they weren’t any better or worse than my premium gimbals on the Radiomaster T16. However, after a few back and forth flights I find they aren’t quite as precise. Or maybe a better description is that I have better control and feel on the larger, premium T16. I don’t think this is a big issue and most beginners won’t notice. However, there is a difference.

radiomaster t12 vs t16

Unlike the other popular Radiomaster remotes this one is not a full multiprotocol. It has a CC2500 chip and is compatible with Frsky D8/D16, Corona, Hitec, Futaba S-FHSS, RadioLink, and Graupner HoTT. The most important option is there with FrSky and Futaba, RadioLink and Graupner are all good options as well. You’ll get a maximum range of up to 2000 meters from this radio but that is definitely dependent on your receiver. There is a port on the back to add a multiprotocol or crossfire module. It has a large battery bay and can accommodate two 18650 batteries.

radiomaster tx12

The Radiomaster T12 runs on OpenTX software. It has a small monochrome 128 x 64 LCD screen. The scroll wheel and buttons work well and have a familiar feel. It has a USB-C port at the top for USB charging as well as connecting to your computer for running a simulator. There is also a trainer port and it does support SD cards.

The radio is light, only weighing 363 grams. The 2 db gain antenna is removable. It has a transmitting power of 20 db, giving it the 2 km range. The handle on the back of the T12 is foldable, making it even smaller and easier to transport.

radiomaster tx12

Should you get the Radiomaster T12?

When it comes to getting into the hobby the radio controller you choose is very important. If budget is the most important factor then the Radiomaster T12 should be one of the first places you look. The only other low-cost option I’d consider would be the BetaFPV LightRadio 2. It is less expensive and has a gamepad style feel to it. However, the BetaFPV Lightradio 2 lacks a screen and has fewer switches. The other option is to stretch your budget and get a full-featured radio like the Radiomaster T16. It has a nicer feel and more features. At the end of the day, they will all fly your drone, so you’ll have to decide which is best for you. Click the link below or visit Radiomaster.

Check the price of the Radiomaster T12

radiomaster tx12

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