moblite7 hdzero motors

Moblite7 HDZero | More power!!!!

The new Happymodel Moblite7 HDZero version is one heck of a tiny whoop. This little quad is an absolute blast to fly and the HDZero camera is an absolute upgrade over any analog option out there. You need to decide if you want to upgrade to HDZero or stick with analog for your whoops. There are a handful of excellent options out there and the new Moblite7 HDZero 1S 75mm whoop is an excellent one. This is a 1S version of the HDZero Mobula 7 and it is a fantastic one.

Happymodel Moblite7 HDZero 1S

This isn’t the first HD whoop on the market. But it just might be the best. The Moblite7 HDZero fits the standard 75mm profile, weighs only 29 grams, has an HD camera and can really rip. It has new 1002, 20000kV brushless motors. The motors are pushing Gemfan 1610 bi-blade props with a 1.5mm shaft.  The camera is the HDZero Nano Lite connected to the HDZero Whoop Lite VTX. It is capable of 25/200 mW and does have smart audio.

moblite7 hdzero motors

The flight controller is the Crazybee F4SX1280. It features a 4-in-1 5 amp ESC. You can get it with either a built-in ELRS 2.0 or FrSky SPI receiver. I opted for the ELRS version for the best link quality.

moblite7 hdzero motors

The Moblite7 is an incredibly capable whoop. The new 1002 motors give it some serious power. It is an excellent indoor flyer with enough juice to do outdoor acro flights. I really enjoy flying it, but I still prefer the Mobula 6 HDZero version for flying around my house. I find it just a little bit more maneuverable and it certainly is less powerful. Either option, however, is excellent but in order to get the high-quality HDZero feed, you’ll need to either pick up HDZero goggles or a VRX. I’d suggest the VRX as it can connect to your existing goggles and get you in the air quickly.

Check the price of the Moblite7 HDZeroCheck the price of the HDZero VRX
moblite7 hdzero motors
moblite7 hdzero

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