lyzrc l100 v-copter

What is a V-Copter? | The $199 LYZRC L100 V-Copter

The LYZRC L100 is one of the most interesting drones I’ve ever flown. It looks like its inspiration came from the V-Coptr Falcon from Zerozero. Like the Zerozero drone, it only has two motors. This v-copter or bi-copter design is unique and should make it a more efficient drone. In fact, this little drone boasts a flight time of up to 26 minutes. Plus the v-copter has a 1200 meter range and a 2.7K camera on a two-axis gimbal. You get all this for less than $200. Is it too good to be true?

LYZRC L100 V-Copter

This drone certainly looks cool. The motors are on servos that move to stabilize the drone and help it maneuver mid-air. It certainly is unique. However, I found it difficult to maneuver. It is a bit too small and the bi-copter design doesn’t seem to be able to handle wind or any aggressive stick inputs. The early firmware just isn’t refined and I wouldn’t recommend this drone to a beginner.

lyzrc l100 v-copter

The LYZRC Vcoptr is a novelty. It is for someone that is looking for something unique and different. It is not yet a well-refined drone. The biggest advantage of the two rotor design is supposed to be efficiency. However, you’ll have a difficult time keeping this drone in the air for a full 26 minutes.

lyzrc l100 v-copter

The camera on the LYZRC V-copter is on par with other offerings in the sub-$200 category. It is stabilized by a two-axis gimbal as well as electronically and I do think it does a decent job. However, the 2.7K footage isn’t very high quality and this isn’t to be used as a high-end photography rig.

The Zerozero V-copter Falcon however is a much more refined drone. It is a stable flyer with a 4K camera on a full 3-axis gimbal. The efficiency of the v-copter design really shines with its impressive 50-minute flight time. This drone is a more viable alternative to a DJI-style Mavic drone. If you really want a bicopter then I suggest you look here but keep in mind it will cost you around $1200.

v-coptr falcon

The L100 does have a few nice modes. There is a return to home, follow me, tap to fly, and a few other unique features on this bi-copter. If  V-copters are your thing I’d recommend taking a look at the Zerozero V-Coptr Falcon.

Check the price of LYZRC V-CopterCheck the price of the Zerozero V-Coptr Falcon

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