JJRC X1 Brushless drone

JJRC X1: The Original Affordable Brushless Motor Drone

The JJRC X1 is the original affordable brushless drone. It is a fun, fast and agile little flyer. If you are new to brushless drones or not sure why that matters, let us explain. Without getting too technical, brushless motors are more efficient, more powerful and last much longer than brushed motors. They also are more expensive. The bigger and more expensive drones like the DJI Phantoms or the Yuneec Typhoon all use brushless motors. Typically, smaller and more inexpensive drones like the Hubsan X4 or the Syma X8 use brushed motors to keep the cost down.


JJRC had a great idea building an affordable brushless motor drone and the X1 is a lot of fun to fly. It is definitely a step above the toy grade brushed motor Symas and UDIs. The JJRC X1 is both reliable and powerful enough to carry a GoPro or action camera. It is also fast enough to add an FPV camera for budding racers who are looking to learn how to fly using FPV (first person view).


Check out the specs on the JJRC X1:
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Range: 300-400 meters
Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh
Motors: D1806 2280kv brushless motors

The JJRC X1 is a good drone, but it does have some disadvantages. It doesn’t have independent electronic speed controllers like the newer MJX Bugs 3, which may affect performance, robustness, or safety. It also doesn’t come with a camera, so you’ll have to add your own.  JJRC has recently released the JJPRO X2 (also known as the JJRC X2). It is a very similar drone with updated styling. If you are looking for a good brushless motor drone we would definitely recommend either the JJRC X1, JJRC X2 or the new MJX Bugs 3.

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