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Emax EZ Pilot – Another great intro to FPV

Emax has been churning out excellent products recently. They have been creating products for beginners to learn how to get into FPV. The new EMax EZ Pilot might just be the best yet for a true beginner.

I absolutely love the RC Interceptor and I’ve made it know I’m a huge fan of the Tinyhawk models. Yes, I can’t wait for the Tinyhawk II, but it isn’t built for true beginners. While I expect it to be awesome there is no doubt the EZ Pilot is built for the beginner and it is a fantastic way to learn how to fly FPV.

EMax EZ Pilot

emax beginner fpv

The EZ Pilot is an all in one FPV package from Emax. In many ways, it is very similar to the RTF Tinyhawk package. You’ll get the drone, battery, charger, goggles and remote. The biggest difference is that this drone has been designed to be easier to fly. Much easier. In fact, it even has custom flying modes that make it easy for a beginner to fly.

ez pilot vs tinyhawk
Take a look at the EMax EZ Pilot next to the Tinyhawk S.

EZ Pilot Flying Modes

The EZ Pilot has three modes. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The beginner mode is what makes this drone so unique. First, it has altitude hold to help keep the drone stable. The beginner mode of the EZ Pilot allows the drone to be piloted with only one stick input. Yaw and roll have been combined on the right stick. The Emax EZ Pilot becomes a lot like driving an RC car like the Interceptor.  It is much easier for new pilots to not have to worry about spinning and turning the drone. It all works together.

ez pilot beginner fpv drone

The intermediate mode is a stabilized mode that does give the pilot the ability to spin or yaw the drone as they choose. It is a more typical “angle” mode but with altitude hold. It is still pretty docile and stable in this mode and fairly easy to fly. I find it incredibly slow, but that’s probably ok for beginners.

Advanced mode is a more aggressive angle mode. The EZ Pilot will still self-level. There is no acro mode and this drone does not have a USB port to adjust anything in Betaflight. It was built for a beginner to learn how to fly and it does just that. Advanced mode also turns off the altitude hold so a pilot can learn throttle management.

emax fpv ez pilot tinyhawk

EZ Pilot Specs

The EZ Pilot is an excellent indoor drone and can be flown outdoors as well on calm days. It uses brushed 816 motors. It has a wheelbase of 82 mm. The camera is a 600 TVL camera connected to a 25 mw VTX like most of the other beginner Emax products.

emax fpv

The goggles and remote are both pretty good but not great. I like the goggles. They do have the ability to use two antennas, but only ships with one. They also have some ability to move the focus and should be able to accommodate most glasses wearers.emax fpv goggles


The remote has a good gampad style to it and the switches feel good. I’m not a huge fan of the fat thumb sticks but it will do the job for beginners. The remote isn’t nearly as precise as a hobby grade remote. Both the goggles and remote are powered by 18650 batteries.

emax remote

Should you buy the EMax EZ Pilot?

I wouldn’t recommend this drone for any current drone pilot. This drone was built to be for beginners. I think it would make an excellent gift for a child. If you have a son or daughter that you want to be able to fly with you then this might be the ideal gift.

Check the price of the EMax EZ Pilot

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