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Emax Interceptor and Eachine EAT03 an FPV RC Car, Yes an FPV Car!

The Eachine EAT03 and the Emax Interceptor are FPV RC cars built by Emax. They are identical except for their coloring and some labels. You can buy the cars as a ready to drive FPV package. The Eachine version is sold at Banggood and the Emax version is available from . You’ll get the car, goggles and remote and you are ready to rock. This might just be the best way to get into FPV. Driving a car FPV is a lot easier than flying a drone FPV and it makes a lot of sense to start with a car.

The Eachine Emax EAT03 Interceptor

First, let me say I am not an RC car expert. I fly drones, but Emax wanted to get this car in the hands of reviewers and now I know why. It is an absolute blast to drive. Driving an RC car is fun. Driving an RC car FPV is awesome. This little car is a tiny little dynamo. The top speed may only be 20 kph/12 mph but when you are driving through the goggles it feels like you are flying.

eachine emax eat03 fpv car

The FPV Goggles and Remote

The EAT03 FPV goggles are nice. I’d say they are a step above a basic pair of FPV goggles. They have diversity antennas, easy to use buttons and fit comfortably on your face. The screen is big and bright and you can move it to help you focus. Unfortunately, there isn’t a DVR. The battery is a 18650 in a rechargeable case and is a nice little touch. You can use these goggles with your drones or if you already own a set of FPV goggles you can pick up the car and remote without them.

emax interceptor rc fpv car

The remote is like most RC car remotes I’ve used with a pistol grip and a steering wheel on the right side. It works well and has a range of about 150 meters. I found the FPV feed to only make it about 100 meters before got difficult to drive. That seems about right as it uses a 25 mw video transmitter.

Driving the EAT03 Interceptor

This car is fun to drive both indoors and out. It is small so it isn’t going to tackle rough terrain or even shag carpet. On a smooth surface it has enough power to spin out on turns and drift a bit. I enjoyed driving this little car, as did my 10-year old son. Emax just makes good stuff. From the Tinyhawk to the Hawk Pro 5 and back to the EAT03 Interceptor Emax engineers are producing excellent products.

Emax tinyhawk and babyhawk

The EAT03 Interceptor comes with a 300 mah lip battery. You can charge it using a micro USB without removing it from the car. I got about 12 minutes of driving it around before it started to slow down. I found that you could use a larger 450 mah lipo and since I have a ton of them from my whoops and Tinyhawks we had a ton of fun with this RC car.

eachine emax eat03 fpv car

Should you get the EAT03 Interceptor FPV RC car?

I have a hard time not recommending this little car. I had fun driving it. My kids had fun driving it. Their friends had fun driving it. If you are looking to get into FPV this car might be the first step. It will get you hooked and you’ll want more. That is when you can turn to some of the other Eachine or Emax products. You can get the car and remote for about $55. Or if you want the entire FPV package you can pick it up for $95. Right now there is a limited time coupon code that will drop the price 22%. BGEachineEAT03 to save at checkout.

Check the price of the Eachine EAT03Check the price of Emax Interceptor

emax interceptor rc car

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