Eachine Novice IV FPV drone

Eachine Novice IV | A Great way to get into FPV

The Eachine Novice IV is an excellent all-in-one package for anyone looking to get into flying FPV. Unlike a lot of all-in-one packages, the Novice IV has some really solid components. You’ll get a long-range drone, Radiomaster remote, FPV goggles, batteries, charger, case, and more. If you are thinking about getting into the FPV drone hobby then this is a great place to start.

Eachine Novice IV – The Drone

The drone itself is a 4″ long-range FPV flyer. That means that it is a lightweight and efficient drone that is better suited for long-range cruising, rather than high-speed flips and rolls. This is a better option for most beginners. You can still do flips and rolls, but it won’t have the seemingly uncontrollable power that comes with a typical 5″ freestyle drone.

Eachine Novice IV FPV drone

No, the drone itself isn’t 4-inches. The 4″ refers to the propeller size and that is typically how FPV pilots classify their drones. The standard 5″ drone uses 5″ propellers. A smaller 3″ drone will have 3″ propellers.  These 4″ propellers are connected to 1404, 2750 KV motors. These brushless motors are efficient and help to give this quad a flight time of around 20 minutes on the included 1100 mah 4S battery. You can push the flight time up to around 30 minutes with a 4S 18650 battery. The Novice IV weighs 215 grams with the battery so you won’t have to register it with the FAA.

Eachine Novice IV FPV drone

Eachine Novice IV Components

The Novice 4 utilizes an AIO F4 flight controller with a built-in 25 amp ESC. The camera is a Caddx Baby Ratel 2 and is connected to the integrated 25-400 mw VTX (video transmitter). The Novice even has a GPS unit and a lost model alarm. The GPS will give you additional flight information and can be used to return to home and the lost model alarm will help you find your drone should it crash, even if your battery is disconnected.

Eachine Novice IV FPV drone

RadioMaster T12

Radiomaster makes a quality radio and the T12 is a great radio for beginners. It isn’t the full multi-protocol radio so you’ll be limited to Frsky/Futaba/RadioLink receivers. Eachine has included a Radiomaster R81 receiver that is FrSky D8 compatible with a range of up to 1 km. This remote can be used with other drones should you decide to add to your fleet.

Radiomaster t12

EV800DM FPV Goggles

The Eachine EV800 DM FPV goggles are another good component for beginners. They have a built-in DVR so you can record your flights. They also have diversity antennas for better flight reception. The screen is 3″ with a 900×600 resolution with a built-in battery that should last up to 2 hours.  These goggles will work with any analog FPV drone so if you decide to pick up a 5″ or tiny whoop you won’t have to get another pair of goggles.

eachine fpv goggles

The Novice IV FPV Package

Overall the Novice IV is a great package. The components are solid, the drone is solid and it all comes in a nice little carrying case. Some packages fail to include batteries or a charger but Eachine has everything you need to start flying. They have even set the drone up in Betaflight and set everything on the correct channel for you. This is a huge improvement over the previous Novice models from Eachine. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more complete package for $419,  but if you use the link below and the code BGca5a82 you can get it for $386.

Order the Eachine Novice IV

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