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The new DJI FPV drone has been another of DJI’s poorly guarded secrets. Thanks to a bunch of leaks we know exactly what the drone is, what it will cost, and even when it will be released. While I am excited to fly it many FPV enthusiasts are less optimistic. This drone will be vastly different from FPV drones as we currently know them. If you are looking to 3D print your own DJI FPV drone then click here.


This drone was built to be different. DJI designed it not for the FPV purists but for someone interested in capturing high-quality aerial photography with an FPV flair. The camera will be capable of capturing 4K footage at 60 fps at a bitrate of up to 120 Mbps. You can also opt to film in 1080 at 120 fps if you choose.

DJI FPV motor and quick release propeller
The quick release propellers are a great addition.

The field of view can be either 142 or 150 degrees and is tied to the bitrate. DJI will use their RockSteady electronic image stabilization to smooth out the footage. Recordings can be done in either H.264 or H.265. The one-axis gimbal does also do some stabilization in both normal and sport modes.

DJI FPV drone in flight
Take a look at the DJI FPV drone in flight.

 Flight Modes

There will be a handful of flight modes on this DJI FPV drone. Normal mode is a typical GPS mode and the FPV drone will fly much like a Mavic. The pitch angle of the drone will be limited to 25 degrees and is designed for beginners. Sport mode will increase the drone speed up to 60 mph but will still self-level like a typical DJI drone.

There is a manual mode that must be engaged through the goggles but it initially will still limit the drone from doing flips and rolls. It is very similar to acro trainer mode. There is a full acro mode that can be enabled, but that again must be done through the goggles.

DJI FPV drone sensors

DJI FPV Drone Features

The DJI FPV Drone will also have GPS stability, return to home forward and downward obstacle avoidance sensors, and a handful of bright LED lights. One of the best features is the “Oh Sh*t” button as we like to call it. If the pilot gets disoriented they can press the button and the drone will level itself and hover in place. This allows the pilot to compose him/herself and resume flight. It also is equipped with ADS-B to help pilots know if there are other aircraft in the area.

The DJI FPV drone should get close to a 20-minute flight time out of its 6S battery. It is using efficient, low pitch 5328 propellers and carrying almost 800 grams so it won’t be nearly as powerful as a typical FPV quad. DJI claims that the top shell, landing gear, and gimbal are all replaceable. How easy or expensive that will be still remains to be seen.

DJI FPV drone controllers

All-in-one Kit

The DJI FPV all-in-one kit is expected to be $1299. You’ll get the drone, V2 goggles, V2 remote, battery, cables and a few extras. The V2 goggles look much like the original but transmit video up to 810p at 60 fps or 120 fps in low latency mode. These goggles also can transmit in 2.4 as well as 5 GHz so they can be used in more parts of the world.

DJI is also releasing a one-handed motion controller. It is incredibly intuitive but will cost you an extra $200. Flying with the motion controller is a lot of fun and a great way to ease into flying FPV.


Overall this is an exciting drone. It is a new entry into the FPV market and will hopefully attract more people to the hobby.  The DJI FPV drone will be released on March 2. While we can’t say for certain that all of these details are 100% accurate because of the nature of internet leaks we do know that most of this has been confirmed by multiple sources. Stay tuned for more info.

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