c-fly dream

C-Fly Dream Drone

C-Fly Dream

Starting around $250

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • Two-Axis Gimbal
  • GPS Stability and Flight Modes
  • Design
  • CONS:
  • Low frame rate
  • Video quality


  • Flight Time: 15 minutes
  • Range: 800 meters
  • Camera: 1080p 4 MP
  • Gimbal: Two-Axis

The C-Fly Dream drone looks an awful lot like a DJI Spark. In fact, the specs on the Dream are pretty darn similar. Coming in around $100-150 cheaper than the Spark is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

With the Tomtop code: HY60DRM you can save $60 bringing the price of the Dream to $259.99. Click HERE to check it out.

The Dream Vs. the DJI Spark

Dream vs Spark
Which is the better drone, the C-Fly Dream or the DJI Spark?

The C-Fly Dream has a 1080p camera that sits on a two-axis gimbal much like the Spark. However, the Dream’s camera isn’t quite as nice and is limited to 4 MP vs. the 12 MP of the Spark. Nonetheless, it takes decent pictures especially outdoors and in good light.  If you want to learn more about the DJI Spark click HERE.

The CFly Dream does have some nice intelligent flight modes including orbit and waypoints. It also features a failsafe return to home switch. The Dream will transmit FPV video to your smartphone via a WiFi connection. We recommend you connect to the remote’s WiFi rather than trying to fly with just your mobile phone. The dream doesn’t have flight modes like dronie or rocket like the Spark.

dream drone
The remote for the CFly Dream is quite nice.

The Dream is a dual GPS drone and also has altitude hold. That will help make it a stable drone and a decent option for someone looking to get into aerial photography.

The Dream does come with a remote and that is factored into the price. Drones like this need a physical remote to get the best out of them. Don’t be fooled by purchasing the Spark without one. Sure it could lower the price of the Spark, but it really needs the remote to unlock its true potential.

The C-Fly Dream Downfall

c-fly dream gimbal and camera
Take a look at the camera of the C-Fly Dream on its two-axis gimbal.

The camera on the C-Fly Dream is actually quite disappointing. Yes, it is a 1080p camera and is capable of almost 4 MP stills but the framerate on the camera is too slow. The video ends up a little jittery and there is sometimes jello. It is actually kind of odd that C-Fly would put such a poor camera on an otherwise high-quality drone. The two-axis gimbal is nice, but ultimately is let down by the poor image quality of the camera.

The Dream’s Specs

Dream vs Spark
The C-Fly Dream looks like a Spark, but cant really compete.

The Dream has a range of 800 meters and a flight time of 15 minutes. Both of these numbers are just a little shy of the Sparks 2000 meter range and 16 minute flight time. The Dream is a lot slower than the Spark’s listed top speed as the Dream tops out around 12 mph. While the Spark is much faster in “sport” mode, its actual flight speed in normal video mode is only 7 mph.

Camera: 1080P
Gimbal: 2-axis
Gimbal pitch: -90°to 0°
Flying Max. speed: 20km/h
Range: about 800m
Quadcopter Battery: 11.4V 1000mAh modularized battery(72g)
Battery for Controller: 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 battery(60g)
Charging time: about 150 minutes
Flight time: about 15 minutes
Product size: 148 x 145 x 60mm

The Dream is a decent option if you are looking for something fun and you aren’t looking for super high-quality videos. With the promo price of $259.99 compared to the Spark’s price of $399 you can save $140. That is a decent amount of money.

Is it as good as the Spark? No. The Spark is a superior drone. It has more flight modes, a better camera and is backed by the best company in the business. That said, you have to look at the cost of the drones. With the Tomtop code: HY60DRM you can save $60 bringing the price of the Dream to $259.99. Click HERE to check it out.

Order the DreamOrder the DJI Spark
Breeze vs Spark
The Yuneec Breeze is a solid low-cost alternative.

Other Options

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  2. I am interested in your item : Dron C-Fly Dream, color Red, but I wnat an extra battery.
    Then I want to know how much everything.
    The dron (complety) + extra Battery + TRansport (If nedded)
    I wait for your answered.
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  3. How do I get my 9+ Samsung galaxy to sync with the C-Fly Dream drone?
    When I scan the QR Code it tells me this is no longer supported.
    Is there an app I can download so I can see what the camera is seeing while in flight?

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