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XK X450 VTOL – It’s a drone, it’s a plane, its both

The XK X450 is an interesting option for people that like to fly drones and planes. It is a little bit of both. The XK X450 is a VTOL, a vertical takeoff and landing unit. You can take off like a drone, flip a switch and fly it like a plane. We’ve flown a few VTOLS. The XPlus One, the X520 and now the X450. They are always a lot of fun.

XK X450

The XK X450 is a small VTOL drone/plane. It comes with a nice hobby grade remote, the X8. It even uses the S-FHSS protocol, so if you are a Futaba pilot you can opt for that. For only $119 you get a ready to fly VTOL and it is a lot of fun to control. There are three motors on this craft and they are controlled by servos. That allows it to fly in three different modes.

xk x450 vertical

The first mode, M-mode is a multirotor mode where the X450 will fly like a drone. It isn’t super maneuverable but stable. I wouldn’t recommend flying it in any of the three modes on windy days.

x8 remote

The second mode or 6G mode is airplane mode. It will cruise along like a typical plane in this mode. There is a red 3G/6G button you can push to switch from altitude hold mode to full-on acro mode so you can stabilize or perform tricks depending on how you want to fly.

xk x450 1370 motor

The third mode or V-mode is a vertical mode. It isn’t particularly useful to fly this way but is a good way to help recover from maneuvers and keep the drone hovering in one place.

Should you get the XK X450?

The XK X450 is a good beginner plane. It isn’t terribly expensive and it comes with a good hobby grade remote. Keep in mind however that planes tend to be a little more fragile than most drones. The X450 is made of styrofoam and has a lot of intricate working parts. A hard crash will most definitely result in you having to do some repair work.

x450 vtol vs jjrc m02

I recommend picking up a small AIO FPV camera to add to the fun of flying the XK X450. They aren’t expensive and we found one for less than $20 on Amazon. This will put you into the cockpit for the flight and is a whole new experience. There is a JJRC clone of the X450. It looks to have a slightly different controller but is only $99. Either way, VTOL planes are a lot of fun.

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x450 vs x520

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