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Uvify OOri -An all in one starter drone

UVify is a drone company that makes high-end quadcopters that are easy to fly. They have their roots in drone racing and use only the best components. The build and design all of their drones in house. Both the Draco and the OOri are excellent drones but neither one comes cheap.

uvify drones
The Draco and OOri are both excellent drones made by UVify.

UVify OOri

The OOri is a small drone that can fly in a few different modes. It was built to be able to grow with the pilot as they learn to fly. It comes with a monitor built-into the remote transmitter. This allows the pilot to be able to fly either line of sight or by watching from the screen in front of you. The OOri is unique in that it can be flown in a variety of different ways. If FPV is your thing or you want a stable flier then the OOri is your quad.

OOri flight modes

For novice flyers, there is an ATT mode. When in this mode the OOri uses downward facing cameras and sensors to help keep it stable and level. In ATT mode the OOri is incredibly stable. It is an excellent way for beginners to practice and get their feet wet with a drone. This mode takes away one of the most challenging aspects of flying, throttle control. If you haven’t flown a drone before this is the place to start.

oori drone

The next step is STB mode. In this mode, the OOri will level itself off but the pilot will have to maintain altitude. In this mode, the pilot will have to master throttle control but won’t have to worry about pushing the OOri too far as it will self-level. This is definitely the next step in learning to fly.

The third mode is MAN or acro mode. In this mode, there is no self-leveling. The pilot has full control of the quad and can push it to its limits. If you have seen drone racing on tv this is how those pilots fly. You can do flips and rolls with the OOri in MAN mode. I highly recommend practicing in a simulator first, but I encourage all pilots to give acro a shot. It is an absolute blast.

OOri Specs and Details

uvify oori

The OOri uses a 1S 650 mah battery and is capable of up to flying 50 mph. It is surprisingly fast and if you plan to push the OOri then make sure you have lots of space.  I routinely got a flight time of around 4 minutes, but I was pushing mine pretty hard. I crashed my OOri more than once or twice and it has held up pretty well.

The video feed coming from the camera is quite clear. The field of view is wide and immersive which is great for flying FPV. You can adjust the camera angle if you so choose. I suspect the video transmitter is outputting at 25 mW as it gets FPV range that is typical of similar quads. You can even connect a pair of FPV goggles to the OOri. I highly recommend the Skyzone 02C goggles.

One of the fun features of the OOri is the array of LEDs. The drone and remote have bright LEDs that can change color and the pilot can choose which color best suits their current mood. Also, the LEDs will help pilots know which FPV channel they are flying so they can fly with friends and not worry about being on the same channel.

oori led

The OOri Remote

The remote transmitter of the OOri has a built-in color LCD screen. It allows you to get a live feed from your drone. You can use it to fly FPV and you don’t have to pick up an expensive pair of goggles. Don’t worry, if you decide to switch to goggles the OOri is absolutely compatible as it transmits on a typical 5.8 GHz signal. Switching channels is easy and can be done by pressing a button on your remote.

uvify oori

Should you get an OOri?

The UVify OOri is a very good beginner drone. The multiple flying modes is a great way to learn to fly. The drone and remote are put together quite well. The only drawback is that the OOri is not cheap. Starting at $295 you are paying a premium to get the all-in-one package of the UVify OOri.

But UVify is a top-notch company with excellent customer support. That certainly isn’t the case with a lot of companies in the industry, especially when it comes to FPV drones. Not only that but UVify uses premium quality components so that you have the best experience possible with your new drone. Learn more about the OOri from their website here or pick one up from Amazon.

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