Cherokee Whoop

Turbowing Cherokee Whoop 95S: A Ducted Quad with FULL ACRO

TurboWing Cherokee Whoop 95S

Starting under $50

Overall Quality


Ease of Use













  • PROS:
  • Powerful 720 motors
  • Angle/Horizon/Acro/Air mode
  • Ducted Design
  • CONS:
  • Short flight time
  • Fixed Camera
  • No Beeper
  • No OSD


  • Flight Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Camera: 700 TVL
  • Size: 80 mm
  • Weight: 44 grams (w/battery)

The Turbowing Cherokee Whoop 95S is a large ducted FPV micro drone. It was built to look a lot like an Inductrix, but is larger with an 80 mm wheelbase. It has more powerful 720 motors making it a lot more fun to fly than an Inductrix, E010 and even the E011.

The Cherokee Whoop is a solid deal for less than $50 and right now you can save an extra $4 from TomTop with the code: HTY4TH

CHeerson 95S
Take a look at the Turbowing Cherokee Whoop

Turbowing FPV Camera and VTX

The Cherokee Whoop has an onboard 700 TVL camera with a 120-degree field of view. The transmitter is a 5.8GHz 48 channel 25 mw version. The angle is not adjustable but does have a slight upward tilt. The flight controller is the SPRacing F3 EVO, brushed loaded with Betaflight 3.1. The Cherokee comes with a DSMX receiver as the only option.

Watch The TurboWing Cherokee Whoop 95S in Action Below

The Cherokee Whoop is fully customizable in Betaflight and can be flown in angle, horizon and even acro. The 7mm motors give it enough power that you can even pull off some good tricks if you know how to handle and quad in acro.

Cherookee Whoop
The Cherokee Whoop is a fairly lightweight quad checking it at 44 g with battery.

I think the Cherokee Whoop is best suited for fun flying indoors. The ducted design makes it a little quieter than the non-ducted counterparts and also protect its 40mm propellers from obstacles.

Set Up

Getting the Cherokee Whoop set up was a bit frustrating as I attempted to follow the directions. Save yourself some trouble. Bind it as DSMX and at 2048, not DSM2 and 1024 like the directions state. That was a pain. I’m not sure why it is so hard to write good instructions. I fly mine with a Taranis QX7 and an OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 module.

Cheerson 95S
You’ll get an extra set of props to go along with the drone, battery, and charger.

Potential Improvements

The Cherokee Whoop is a lot of fun, but the flight time is a little disappointing at around 4 minutes. The frame isn’t very beefy so don’t go crashing hard into walls and expect it to come away unscathed. The VTX antenna sometimes will get lodged in a propeller duct after a crash, so you’ll have to watch that.

RC Drone quadcopter FVP
Take a look from up above.

Should You Get One?

If you are a fan of ducted drones then you may want to take a look at this one. It is a little bigger than some of the traditional ones, but also comes with more power and acro capability. I really enjoy flying this little quad around the house. It’s a great deal for under $50 and right now you can save an extra $4 from TomTop with the code: HTY4TH

Order a Turbowing Cherokee Whoop 95S

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