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RunCam Split 2: Is This the BEST FPV Camera for Your Drone?

Have you ever wished you could get good video quality from your quadcopter without adding a second camera? The RunCam Split 2 is probably your best option. With the RunCam Split 2, you can record onboard your quad in HD while viewing the same feed in your FPV goggles. No longer will you need two separate cameras.

RunCam Split 2 with Wifi
Take a look at the RunCam Split 2 with the WiFi module connected

RunCam Split 2

The RunCam Split 2 comes from the evolution of the discontinued RunCam 3. It is basically a super compact action camera with the ability to both record onboard video and transmit a signal to your FPV goggles or monitor. You will, of course, have to provide your own transmitter and quadcopter.

Take a look at the improved SD card slot of the RunCam Split 2.

The RunCam Split 2 is capable of capturing 1080p footage at 60 fps. That is pretty impressive for the little camera. The Split version 2 has the upgraded GoPro RC25G lens that gives it a narrower field of view and is said to improve quality.

The general latency of the RunCam Split 2 is around 50 ms compared to about 25 ms of some of the best FPV cameras out there. While more latency isn’t good 50 ms is certainly not terrible and still easily flyable.

RunCam Split 2
You’ll get quite a bit when you purchase your RunCam Split 2.

Other Improvements

The WiFi module has been improved and is used to connect to the smartphone app. The SD card slot is improved as well. The second version also has a better microphone and cooling. The onboard voltage regulator can handle 5V up to 17V which certainly is a nice improvement. You won’t have to worry about spikes while flying.

runcam fpv
The RunCam Split 2 is an ideal solution.

Other Ways to Use the RunCam Split 2

While most people use their RunCam Split 2 as their dedicated FPV camera and solder it in our plan is a little different. We are going to attempt to 3D print a housing for it that turns it into a “Session” like action camera with a built-in transmitter for FPV. That way we can easily transport it from quad to quad without having to desolder and resolder. We had a lot of fun flying it on our MJX Bugs 3.

RUNCAM Split 2
We put the RunCam Split 2 on our MJX Bugs 3. It was a BLAST.
Order a RunCam Split 2 from Gearbest

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