Potensic D68 4K drone

Potensic D68 – 4K GPS Drone

The Potensic D68 is an interesting option for a beginner that is looking to get into flying. It comes in a nice all-in-one package and has some good features. It is a GPS drone with some automated flight modes and features a 4K camera. Learn more below.

Potensic D68

The Potensic D68 is a well-built drone. It folds up nicely and fits snugly into the included carrying case. It features GPS stability, along with Return to Home, Follow Me and Orbit modes. The D68 drone uses efficient brushless motors that give it a flight time of up to 25 minutes. The range will be limited by the WiFi connection that receives your video transmission and we experienced a range of about a quarter of a mile.

potensic D68 GPS drone
Potensic D68 GPS drone

The camera is capable of 2K pictures and video and those can be upscaled to 4K if you save them on your smartphone. However, don’t be fooled this “better” resolution comes at a lower bitrate and frame rate and doesn’t look as nice as videos and pictures saved on an SD card onboard the drone. You do have control of the camera from an app on your phone, so you can pan up and down. However there is no image stabilization or gimbal, so the video footage will be shaky. The picture quality is decent but does have some barrel distortion.

potensic D68 GPS drone
This photo was taken by the Potensic D68 GPS drone

Overall the Potensic D68 is a nice drone for a beginner. I am a big fan of the carrying case that it comes with. It is a nice touch by Potensic. It flies well, has a solid build quality, is backed by a good company on Amazon, but at $259 it seems a bit overpriced to me. I’d recommend saving almost $100 and take a look at the MJX Bugs 12. The Bugs 12 uses EIS to help stabilize video footage.

potensic D68 GPS drone
The Potensic D68 comes with a nice hardshell carrying case.

Check the price of the Potensic D68

Check the price of MJX Bugs 12

potensic D68 GPS drone

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