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MJX MG-1 | Is this the end of the Bugs lineup?

The MG-1 is a new foldable drone from MJX. It is a small, lightweight drone with a two-axis gimbal and electronic image stabilization. This little quad was built to take the place of the Bugs 19 EIS, so that begs the question. Is this signaling the end of the Bugs lineup? I’m guessing not. This is just a change to the odd Bugs numbering system most likely. I have a feeling this is going to be a heavily rebranded drone.


The new MJX Bugs MG-1 is small, but not in the sub-250 gram mini class of drones. It weighs 370 grams. The MG-1  has a flight time of up to 25 minutes and a range of 600 meters. It doesn’t use the standard MJX Bugs app, but rather an X-Drone app. I’m not sure why there is a change as they are almost identical. It is a stable drone with GPS as well as optical flow sensors. MJX has included a follow me, point of interest, tapfly as well as a return to home feature on this drone.

MJX Bugs MG-1 (4)

MG-1 Camera

The camera on the MG-1 is an interesting offering. It is capable of 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. The gimbal does a nice job of smoothing out the footage and the EIS or electronic image stabilization enhances that stabilization. It is a good camera, on par with most other drones in this price class. The only issue we found was some jello in the video when we yawed the drone too quickly.

MJX Bugs MG-1 (4)

Should you buy the MJX MG-1?

The MG-1 is a nice beginner drone and we do like the portability of it. However, we still prefer the MJX Bugs 16 as it has a full three-axis gimbal, instead of the two-axis gimbal found on the MG-1. At $219 it is a good beginner drone, but we still find the Bugs 16 to be a better value at a similar price point. Spending a little more money will get you an entirely better drone in the DJI Mini SE and we’d much rather save up a little extra cash and spend $299 for a much better camera, increased flight time, longer range, and more flight modes.

bugs vs dji mini

Order the MG-1
Order the MJX Bugs 16
Order the DJI Mini SE

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