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MJX Bugs 20 – With a stabilized 4K camera!

The newest MJX Bugs drone is the B20 and this looks like it could be a game-changer for MJX. It looks to be very similar to some of the other GPS Bugs drones but there is one huge difference. This drone has electronic image stabilization, also known as EIS. Without image stabilization, video footage looks shaky and often is unusable. This is a big development as there are very few reliable drones in the $200-300 range that offer any type of image stabilization. MJX has some of the best cameras in the budget drone space and the development of EIS is something we have been waiting for.

MJX Bugs B20 with EIS

The Bugs 20 is a GPS drone with a 4K camera. You will be able to record video in two different resolutions, either 3840×2160@30fps  or 1080p@60fps. The camera isn’t on an active gimbal, but can be adjusted from the remote. The isolation mounts do a nice job of reducing vibrations and this drone won’t suffer from terrible jello like a lot of other drones in its price range.

MJX Bugs 20 B20 EIS

The level of EIS isn’t on par with a full three-axis gimbal but it is actually pretty nice. It will not correct big movements but rather smooth out the jitters and bobbles as you fly. This EIS makes the Bugs 20 one of the best beginner drones you can buy.

MJX Bugs 20 B20 EIS

The Bugs B20 has a maximum flight time of 22 minutes. Our testing showed it coming in just under 20 minutes. The maximum range should be between 400-600 meters. The FPV feed will be provided via a WiFi connection between the drone and your smartphone. The video feed from the drone was actually quite impressive. We had little to no breakup around 200-300 meters. MJX makes a good drone and you can fly it with confidence. They call it 5G, but it really the AC protocol. You’ll need a newer smartphone to connect to the app.


The Bugs 20 is one of the more stable drones we have tested in a while. It’s GPS and optical flow sensors make it more stable than some drones that are twice the price. MJX makes a nice drone and the Bugs 20 is just one more example of that.The drone uses GPS as well as optical flow sensors to help with stability. The drone will use 1306, 2750KV brushless motors. The battery is a 7.6v 3400 mah battery.

MJX Bugs 20 B20 EIS

Bugs 20 EIS flight modes

The new Bugs 20 will have a handful of intelligent flight modes. You will be able to use tap to fly, follow me and return to home. It also has an orbit mode and you can turn off the GPS and rely on the optical flow sensors if you want to fly indoors.

This Bugs 20 with EIS is an excellent drone. It is one of the best drones you can buy for less than $200. It is about time that a manufacturer like MJX implemented electronic image stabilization in one of their drones. We look forward to seeing more of that.

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MJX Bugs 20 B20 EIS

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