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DJI Mavic Propeller Test: Is the New Platinum Prop Worth It?

The new Mavic Pro Platinum claims to be both a quieter and a more efficient machine than the original Mavic Pro. The new ESCs (electronic speed controllers) combined with the newly-designed propellers are supposed to give the Platinum version of the Mavic a longer and quieter flight. Some people even claim that the new Mavic propeller makes their drone faster. We decided we needed to put this last claim to the test by measuring the max thrust the Mavic can generate with the old and the new propeller. We also pulled out the sound meter to find out for ourselves if the new props are actually quieter.

New Platinum vs Original Mavic Propellers

The new propellers have a slightly different design. The tips are flared to a point, which is different than the flat bullnose shape of the originals. Bullnose propellers are known to be less efficient and they are typically only used when a drone design is cramped for space. The new Platinum props are also slightly wider and longer than the originals.

DJI Mavic Pro propeller
The new Mavic Pro Platinum propellers have flared tips and are larger than the original Mavic props.

Our Test

Our main focus was to test the Mavic propellers and how they performed at full throttle. We ran two runs in Half Chrome Labs with each type of propeller. Each run was with a fresh, fully-charged battery. We switched up the order for each test run. For the first test, the old props were measured first. For the second test, we measured the new props first.

DJI Mavic Platinum Pro Thrust Test
The DJI Mavic Pro with new Platinum props on the Half Chrome thrust test stand.


We have also tested the thrust-to-weight ratio of the Mavic, Phantom, Spark and many other drones. You can learn more about them here. Check out a video of the Mavic propeller test below.

Our results

Both tests produced almost identical results. Yes, the new propellers are quieter, but we only measured an average difference of about 1.1 dB. While our tests did not give the full 4 dB difference that DJI claims, we were testing at full throttle. DJI’s tests were likely done while the Mavic was hovering, and there are plenty of third-party tests that show the 4 dB difference at slower prop speeds.

DJI Mavic Drone
We will put the original Mavic propeller to the test.

The biggest surprise was the increase in thrust. While we’ve heard people say their Mavic was faster or showed more punch with the new propellers, we were skeptical. What we found surprised us. These new propellers definitely give the Mavic more power. Almost 10% more power. That is a significant difference!

Mavic propeller dB and thrust
*Sound Pressure was measured at about 4 feet away from the front of the drone in a cluttered indoor lab at full thrust. Sound pressure level is “A-weighted” which gives a general sense of the human perception of how loud something is.

What does this mean?

Bigger propellers certainly seem to give the Mavic more power. Given the fact that DJI and countless others have confirmed a longer flight time, we absolutely recommend you pick them up. If you prefer your Mavic to be less efficient, slower, and louder, then go ahead and stick with the originals. We are glad we have the new ones. Now go treat you and your Mavic to the experience you deserve. At $10 a pair, you won’t regret it.

Order Mavic Platinum Propellers here

So how powerful is a DJI Mavic?

We have tested the thrust-to-weight ratio on a lot of different drones. If you want to know how the Mavic stacks up against the Phantom or Spark we can tell you. We’ve tested micro drones, Symas, Hubsans, MJX and even FPV racers. Check that out here or watch our video below.

What about the DJI Mavic Pro 2?

Mavic 2 Mavic SE
The DJI Mavic Pro 2 should be a game-changing drone.

If you are holding out for the DJI Mavic Pro 2 then check out the information we’ve gathered here. Or maybe the new Phantom 5 is your thing? Learn about what the Phantom 5 might have in store for you. Perhaps you want to know what the DJI Spark 2 will be. Check that out here.

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