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Best Accessories for the Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2

The Mavic Mini series of drones are likely to be the best selling prosumer drones of all time. With excellent camera quality and a price tag under $500, the DJI Mini 2 ($449) and the original Mavic Mini ($399) are a hit. Because of the popularity, there are 100s of available accessories. Some are available from DJI, many from 3rd party sellers, and even some you can 3D print. I reviewed them all and picked the best ones you want to consider.

DJI Mavic Mini Accessories

I’ve broken these down into a few different categories. From must-haves to accessories to add-ons that you should pass on, here is the complete list…

Must-Have DJI Mini Accessories

Everyone should have these accessories for your DJI Mini 2 or Mavic mini. The case will be specific for your model, but the filters and car charger will work with either drone.

  1. Fly More Combo: First up, I suggest you go right for the Fly More Combo from DJI. It is a good deal and gets you started with some of the most important accessories. It isn’t cheap, but it is worth it.
  2. Filters: Filers make your videos look more professional. Watch my video to learn how. You have a couple of good options when it comes to Mavic Mini filters. I have tested dozens of filters and you have two good options. If you are pinching pennies you can’t go wrong with this small set from Skyreat. If you want a really nice complete set try this one from Freewell.

    Mavic Mini Filters
    The all-day filter pack from Skyreat
  3. Case: I love having a case for my nicest drones. They provide more protection and make getting the Mavic Mini easier to get in and out. You can get a fabric case like this one or spend just a few more dollars on a waterproof case, which will make you more comfortable when out near water. For a premium waterproof case check out the ones from Go Professional Cases
  4. Car Charger: You will want to be able to charge while on the go. The good news is that the Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2 both charge via USB. You want a high-output charger like this one.

DJI Mini Accessories to Consider

Depending on what you plan on doing with your DJI Mini you will definitely want to consider some of these.

  1. Prop Guards: If you are flying indoors or near a lot of obstacles, you may be able to avoid a crash if you are using propeller guards. The best deal comes straight from DJI.
  2. LED Lights: Flight at night or during twilight? You definitely need better lights. The Mavic Mini series drones don’t have very bright LEDs, so it is easy to lose your drone in the sky. Some add-on LEDs like these will help. Put them on when flying in the dark.
  3. iPad Adapter: The DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2 can only support a smartphone. If you like flying with a bigger screen then you will want an adapter. Make sure it has a feature to lock into the top of the remote securely, like this one. For more than twice the price you can get an even sturdier one from DJI. I would get one from DJI if you plan on using it a lot.
  4. Landing Pad: The Mini drones have the camera sitting a fraction of an inch above the ground. If you need to land on grass, gravel, or snow then you want a pad. During Chicago winters I have one with me at all times. A fabric pad like this one is most common, but I like a solid folding landing pad for my smallest drones especially.
  5. Lipo Bag: A fire-resistant bag is recommended by many for charging and storing LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. I like having a lipo bag with me when I travel in case a zealous airport official decides my batteries should be protected. You can get one special for the Mini, but I like a generic one that packs flat.

Accessories to Stock up on

  1. Memory cards: I never go anywhere without at least two micro SD cards. DJI recommends these cards, so I go with them.
  2. Batteries: You want these batteries especially if you didn’t get the Fly More Combo.

DJI Mini Accessories to Skip

Not all accessories are worth buying, here are two you should pass on.

  1. Legs: Legs like these are a popular option for some reason. They add weight to your drone and still won’t provide the same protection as a landing pad. If you really want them then you can find some on Thingiverse to print for free. 
  2. Floats: Intentionally landing your Mini on water is bad news. The drone will be very top-heavy on these floats and way too likely to flip. These are more likely to cause a crash than provide you any benefit. Avoid at all costs! 

DJI Mini floats

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