KaiDeng Alpha K130 Drone

KaiDeng Alpha K130: A Mini Egg-Shaped Drone

The KaiDeng Alpha K130 is a unique looking quadcopter. It is an egg-shaped, egg-sized drone designed to be compact enough that you can shove it in your pocket and take it with you. The Alpha K130 has a lot of good features, especially for a drone under $50. Its clever design is definitely a conversation starter, even if it isn’t the first egg-shaped drone to hit the market.

PowerEgg Vs Alpha K130
The chicken-sized PowerEgg compared to the chick-sized Alpha K130. That chicken better keep walking if it wants to keep its head.

The Alpha K130 definitely takes its design cues from the PowerVision PowerEgg. The PowerEgg is a much larger full-featured egg-shaped drone. It features an HD camera and has multiple flight modes. The PowerVision drone was a popular attraction at CES 2017. The K130 could be the PowerEgg’s less expensive little brother…

KaiDeng Alpha K130

Alpha K130 Features

The propellers stay hidden inside the egg-shaped drone body until they are released by turning on the quadcopter. The K130 has altitude hold, which will help keep the little egg stable in the air during flight. It also has headless, or CF mode which will help the beginner pilots with orientation. The camera only has 0.3 megapixel 640 x 480p resolution, but it will stream live video to your smartphone during flight. It isn’t HD, but it should produce decent quality photos outdoors and in well-lit spaces. The little egg will also flip with a push of a button and has an automatic takeoff and landing feature.

Alpha Egg Drone

Smartphone Controlled

The Alpha K130 does not come with a dedicated remote control, but rather relies on a WiFi connection to your smartphone for controls. Not having to carry around a remote makes this little quad even easier to bring with you.You can see what the drone sees on your smartphone screen. While you are flying you’ll be able to capture video or pictures on your phone. The app looks easy to use and is a free download for both iOs and Android.

Smartphone Egg App

Alpha K130 Specs

Flight Time: 6.5 minutes
Range: 15 meters video/30 meters flight
Size: 55 x 55 x 64mm (folded)/ 126 x 126 x 64 (unfolded)
Weight: 32.2 grams
Battery: 3.7v 200mAh internal LiPo

Mini Egg Drone

Should I Buy the Alpha K130?

If you are looking for a unique little quadcopter then this certainly fits the bill. The KaiDeng Alpha K130 is most definitely different. Don’t expect high performance or excellent pictures from this low-cost quad. This little guy was built for portability and fun and is a good drone for a beginner. The K130 hasn’t been released quite yet, but get in line. If this drone follows through on its promises it could be a big seller, like the popular Elfie drone.

Buy an Alpha K130 Egg Drone


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