JJRX X22 X1 Eagle Wings

JJRC X22 | Eagle Wings X1

The JJRC XC22 is a GPS drone with a “6K” camera on a three-axis gimbal. It goes by a few names, X22, X1, and Eagle Wings. It has obstacle avoidance and a handful of intelligent flight modes. The X22 has a range of 5.7 km (3.5 miles) and a flight time of up to 31 minutes. On paper, this is the best drone you can buy for less than $300. How does it stack up to the competition? Let’s take a closer look.

JJRC X22 Eagle Wings

The JJRC X22 was built to be a drone for a beginner. It has a decent camera on a full gimbal. The X22 has GPS stability with the flight modes you are looking for. It even has an obstacle avoidance module to help keep you from crashing. The camera is nice but it isn’t true 6K. It is a standard HD camera that seems to be upscaled. Video resolution is limited to 2.7K. The gimbal does a nice job of smoothing out the video footage. However, at the end of the day, the camera is good, but not spectacular. I’d still suggest the DJI Mini SE in its place. I think the camera is much better and the overall experience is more intuitive and reliable. The JJRC Eagle Wings suffers from odd orange coloration in the video at times.

jjrc x22 eagle wings

The flight modes are hit or miss but the return to home is a great safety feature. The X22 features follow me, orbit, waypoints, and gesture shooting. The obstacle avoidance will alert you of objects in the way but won’t allow the drone to navigate away, it just stops the drone. Obstacle avoidance shouldn’t be something people rely on and I prefer to fly this drone with it off. I personally managed to crash this drone while using obstacle avoidance.

jjrc x22 eagle wings

The biggest issue with the X22 Eagle Wings is the lack of refinement. I found the app to be confusing. Perhaps if I spoke fluent Chinese it’d be easier to understand, but I don’t. I think this drone is a couple of firmware updates from being ready for prime time. On top of that, it had issues obtaining a GPS lock so I could take off. This was an issue with the Mavic 3, but that was corrected via firmware by DJI.

jjrc x22 eagle wings

Overall the JJRC X22 is a decent drone. It is hard to find a drone with all of these features for less than $300. I’d still recommend the DJI Mini SE. The DJI Mini SE is better in almost every aspect. The camera is superior and it is easy to use. The Mini SE lacks obstacle avoidance and follow me, so the Eagle Wings does have the edge there…kind of. If you want to opt for the X22 then use the coupon code BGba37f9 to save 14%.

Check the price of the JJRC X22 Eagle WingsCheck the price of DJI Mini SE

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