iflight chimera 4 long range

iFlight Chimera4 | Long Range FPV drone

The iFlight Chimera4 is another one of the popular 4″ long-range FPV quads that you can get. The iFlight version is a little different than some of the others in that it is an X-style frame, rather than a dead-cat style. That allows it a little bit better freestyle performance. The Flywoo Explorer was the first but iFlight decided to go in their own direction rather than just copy it like some of the others.

The Chimera 4 was built to be a long range flyer, but also have a little bit of extra pop. You can also get either a 3000KV or 3800KV version depending on whether or not you prefer a little more flight time or a little more power.

iflight chimera 4 long range
The iFlight chimera4 long range

iFlight Chimera4

The iFlight Chimera 4 was built to be a long-range flyer. It weighs less than 250 grams and with the right battery will get you close to 30 minutes of flight time with the right battery. This quad was built to be a cruiser but with the 3800KV motors it also can handle a bit of acro. In my opinion, the 3800KV option is the best 4″ long-range quad you can buy. You can still fly long and far, but also will get a bit more performance.

iflight chimera4 long range

The Chimera4 uses the SuccexX-E mini F4 stack with a 35amp all in one ESC. It utilizes 1404 XING motors and you can opt for efficient 3000KV or more powerful 3800KV brushless motors. It comes with two sets of 4″ props, 4030 Nazguls and 4023 Gemfans. My version was equipped with a DJI Caddx Vista with the Nebula camera.  The standard Vista camera is a little better but the Nebula is lighter. A GPS unit is preinstalled as is a beeper. Unlike some similar models, the beeper does not have its own power source. There are nice blue TPU printed parts that add both a bit of protection and color to this 4″ drone.

iflight chimera4 long range

Should you buy the iFlight Chimera 4?

iFlight does provide a tune out of the box, so you can expect a good flight experience. If you are looking for something that you can take out and fly for a while then this is definitely a solid option. I’d recommend going with the 3800KV version so you have just a little bit more power and maneuverability. That is unless you want a bit more time for long-range cruising then opt for the 3000KV version.

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