Eachine H8S

Eachine H8S: An Awesome Drone for Less Than $25

Eachine H8S 3D Mini Inverted Flight Drone

Starting around $25

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability











  • PROS
  • ▪A ton of fun!
  • ▪Inversions and flips
  • ▪Take off upside down
  • ▪Light prop guards built in
  • CONS
  • ▪No camera


  • Range: 30 m
  • Flight Time: 4-6 min
  • Weight: under 0.55 lbs
  • Size: Mini

The Eachine H8S 3D Mini Inverted Flight Drone is a fast and fun stunt drone for any user. Maybe you are a beginner or maybe you are an expert who runs a fleet of DJI Phantom drones – It does not matter, you need this drone! It is just too fun and too inexpensive not to get one! It is under $30 and sometimes even less than $20. That is a heck of a deal for a drone with a lot of good features. It has headless mode. It can fly inverted and it even flips with the push of a button. If you crash it and it lands upside down it will actually take off inverted! If you are a beginner you won’t need to break your back re-positioning this little guy after each crash.

This drone doesn’t have a camera or and fancy sensors. If it did it would be more expensive, and crashing it wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable. It is pretty small and can be flown inside and outside. It is definitely a well-built drone for under $30 and its features work pretty well.  As you will see in our video this drone can handle some punishment.

H8S drone
Eachine H8S NOT recommended as baby food.
Check out the Half Chrome video tests of the Eachine H8S

Our video will show you crash tests, drop tests, inverted flight, flips and a battery test. You will see this drone does quite well in all of those tests.

Flying the Eachine H8S

This drone is a lot of fun to fly. The inverted flight function is pretty cool. It allows you to fly the drone upside down. One push of a button and the H8S flips 180 degrees and you are flying inverted.  Inverted flight is a little more challenging than flying it right side up, but it is a lot of fun, and definitely a time saver when it crashes upside down.

Connection H8S
Compare the Eachine H8S to the Holy Stone HS170.

This is a tough little nano drone. The propeller guards help against light impact. This quadcopter survived its fair share of crashes (intentional and otherwise). It can take a decent amount of abuse and keep on flying. This drone is well built and one feature that is probably overlooked is that it has a nice solid connection point for the battery. A lot of drones have wired connectors, but this one is fixed and clean. You don’t have to worry about tucking the wires. That may not sound like a big deal, but you don’t have to worry about the wires flopping around and getting stuck on something. This is definitely better than the Holy Stone HS170 or the Hubsan X4, two similar and competitive drones.

Other great features can be activated by pushing one of the many buttons on this remote. The number of features on this drone are impressive for under $30.  The 360-degree flip button worked well in our testing and doing barrel rolls is a great way to impress your friends. Just like the 180-degree flip button.

Headless mode, or CF mode works well with this drone and is a great feature for beginner drone pilots. The remote beeps to let you know you have entered headless mode. Headless mode makes it easy to steer the drone as it will respond from your point of view.

Eachine hs8 blue

The return home button does not work quite as well as you would expect on a GPS enabled drone like a DJI Phantom. But those drones cost several hundred dollars. This one is only a fraction of that cost. The return home button did land the drone. Sometimes it returned near the take off point, sometimes it just landed. The return to home button may be more appropriately name the “land” button.  It does require some steering to land it where you want.

Look at how the H8S compares to the Syma XC5-1
Eachine H8S vs. Syma XC5-1
Eachine H8S vs. Syma XC5-1

The Eachine H8S also has two modes and can be switched with a push of a button. There is low power mode for the beginner and high power mode for the more advanced drone pilot. Beginner mode cuts the power by about 40%.  It slows the drone down and makes it easier to control. It will also extend the flight time a little. The remote transmitter has a lot of nice dedicated buttons in addition to the low/high ones. The dedicated flip and inverted buttons work well. The other buttons on the remote are for trimming the controls. If you are flying indoors it might be a good idea to adjust the trim, but when you are flying outside the wind plays a big factor so minor adjustments are not really worth it. With small drones, it is best to learn now to counteract the wind rather than messing with the trim controls and wasting battery life.

Eachine H8S

We definitely recommend buying extra propellers for the H8S.  It does come with an extra set of propellers, but it seems like you can never have enough. You don’t want your flying fun to end because you busted a prop.

 Eachine also makes a cheaper(hard to believe) drone called the E010. It is a load of fun to fly. It is a little smaller and has an excellent design for flying indoors. A lot of people like to convert the E010 to a first person view racer type drone.  Check out our review of the Eachine E010 or the current price on Amazon.

Eachine E010

Check the price of the Eachine H8SLearn about the Eachine E010
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