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Furibee X215 Pro

Furibee X215 Pro

Starting Under $170

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • Solid, Modular Frame
  • OSD and Beeper
  • Excellent Camera
  • Nice Little Touches
  • CONS:
  • Bullet Pointed Nuts, not Lock


  • Camera: 1200 TVL
  • VTX: 25/300 mW switchable
  • FC: Kakute F4
  • Weight: 346 grams

Furibee seems to be dialing in their ready-to-go FPV racers and the X215 Pro is another good example. They’ve really added some nice finishes that you probably wouldn’t expect on a premade racer for less than $160. We really liked the Furibee DarkMax, but this X215 Pro is equally an awesome machine.

x215 pro vs darkmax
Take a look at the Furibee X215 Pro with the DarkMax.
best 215 quadcopter
The X215 Pro is on the left and the DarkMax is on the right.

What is the Furibee X215 Pro?

The Furibee X215 Pro is a solid racer built on a thick 3K carbon fiber 4mm frame. It has the aluminum rails in the classic egg shape protecting the electronics. The flight controller is a Kakute F4 and the 4-in-1 ESC from BL Heli is 30 amps running the newest DShot. It is already running Betaflight 3.2 so you can enable Turtle Mode right out of the box. In a nutshell this is a well put together quad. When you get it in the air you’ll feel that way to. It is a smooth operating quad with some serious juice.

furibee fpv x215 pro
Take a look at the Furibee X215 Pro.

The Furibee X215 Pro is powered by 2206 2600KV motors that spin 5048 triblade propellers. Furibee included a nice Pagoda antenna for excellent reception for the 40 channel 25/300 mW switchable VTX. To change channels on the video transmitter of the X215 you’ll do a single press on the VTX button. A double tap will change bands. A triple tap will switch the power from 25 mw to 300 mw.

2206 500 KV motors on x215 pro
Take a closer look at the powerful 2206 2600 KV motors on the Furibee X215 Pro.

The Furibee X215 Pro is equipped with a 1200 TVL CCD camera. This is an impressively high-quality sensor and should transmit a very good quality image. Some racers prefer a lower TVL for less latency, but we didn’t experience any issues. The camera angle is adjustable and you can almost angle it a full 90-degrees. There is also a place for you to attach your GoPro or action camera for recording HD video. They even include a mount for your Session/RunCam.

furibee x215 pro camera
Take a look at the 1200 TVL camera on the Furibee X215 Pro.

The Furibee X215 Pro isn’t an ultralight quadcopter, but it isn’t super heavy either. It tips the scales at 346 grams. That’s not bad for as solid and well built as it feels. No it won’t handle a brick wall at top speed, but it definitely can handle a crash.

x215 quadcopter
The X215 Pro is a solid quad and not overly heavy.

Nice Little Touches

Our Furibee X215 Pro was a FrSky version and it came with an XM+ receiver. This was a nice little touch and even better Furibee mounted both antennas on the frame for better reception. The wires are all tucked in and shrink-wrapped and it adds to the sleek, clean look. We paired our X215 Pro to our Taranis QX7.

kakute F4 flight controller
Take a look at the components tucked inside the Furibee X215 Pro.

There is an LED/Buzzer module on the back of the quad which is another nice little touch. You’ll also get native OSD, another bonus. The camera even has a button in the back to adjust settings.

beeper and OSD on furibee FPV x215 pro
You can see the beeper and LEDs on the back of the X215 Pro.

The frame is solid and feels well built. The X215 pro is built on beefy 4mm carbon fiber. This is a modular frame, so if you break an arm you don’t have to replace the entire frame.

pro 4mm carbon fiber
Take a look at the bottom plate on the Furibee X215 pro.

Should You Get a Furibee X215 Pro?

This quad is another well-built quad from Furibee. The X215 Pro is a beast on 4S and a lot of fun to fly. It just feels smooth in the air and when you give it a punch it goes.

If you want a high-quality quad and don’t have the time to build your own then you should look into picking up the X215 Pro.

The Furibee X215 Pro
gopro drone and runcam 3
You’ll get three full sets of propellers and a mount for your RunCam or GoPro Session.

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