Emax Cinehawk Mini | This is THE Cinewhoop you want!

Emax makes good drones, expecially mini-quads. The new Cinehawk Mini is an improvement on their Cinehawk and shows their continued attention to detail. My favorite FPV drone is the Emax Babyhawk O3. My favorite AIO FPV kit is the Tinyhawk 3+. Now my favorite cinewhoop is the Cinehawk Mini.

Emax Cinehawk Mini

First off, the build quality of the Cinehawk Mini is impressive. Sporting a carbon fiber frame and robust propeller guards, this drone feels durable and ready for action. Emax pays attention to detail, ensuring that even small components like the capacitor are securely soldered on. Plus, the inclusion of a dampening system for the battery adds to its stability during flights.

Setting up the Cinehawk Mini is relatively straightforward, though it requires patience and precision, especially when dealing with small components. Whether you opt for the DIY kit or the pre-installed version, you’ll need basic tools like a1.5mm allen wrench, small screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. However, the process is manageable and can be completed within about 30 minutes.

This is like a small DJI Avata.

In terms of performance, the Cinehawk Mini excels as a cinewhoop. While it may not match the stability of larger drones like the Avata, its DJI 03 air unit ensures excellent camera quality with options for stabilization using gyro flow or DJI’s built in Rocksteady feature. With its 13035 motors and Avia 2.5-inch propellers, the Cinehawk Mini offers up to 7 minutes of flight time on an 850mAh battery, making it suitable for indoor filming and low-speed maneuvers.

What truly sets the Cinehawk Mini apart is its versatility and agility. Its compact size allows for maneuvering through tight spaces, making it ideal for indoor flights and capturing unique perspectives. Additionally, the inclusion of an ELRS antenna provides reliable control even at extended ranges.

Emax Cinehawk Mini
Emax Cinehawk Mini

Overall, the Emax Cinehawk Mini impresses with its build quality, performance, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned FPV pilot or a beginner looking to explore aerial cinematography, this drone is worth considering. With Emax’s commitment to refinement and innovation, the Cinehawk Mini stands out as a top choice in the cinewhoop category.

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