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Eachine Wizard x220S -An Impressive RTF FPV Quad

The Eachine Wizard has been around for a while but the upgraded x220S is an awesome quad. I finally got my hands on one and I was pleasantly surprised by its polish and how well it flies. You can pick one up as a stand-alone drone or opt for the all-in-one package if you don’t have a controller already.

The Wizard has gotten a bad rap in the past and that is deservedly so. The parts were cheap, and the quads were hit or miss in terms of quality control. I think that Eachine has stepped up their game with this version. I was expecting it to be junk, and it most definitely isn’t. No, it isn’t the best 5″ quad out there, but it is an excellent place to start and it won’t break the bank.

Eachine Wizard x220S

At first glance, this Wizard looks menacing. The purple 5-inch 5051 propellers have some serious pitch to them and you’ll get 10 pairs in the ready-to-fly kit. It looks and feels well built with the 4mm carbon fiber frame, and I was surprised as Eachine doesn’t always pay attention to the little details. This quad is an exception and most definitely an upgrade over their other Wizard models.

eachine wizard 220s

Wizard is powered by 2206 2300KV motors and they have some serious punch. It can handle 3-5S batteries, but I found the 1500 mah 4S battery that it shipped with to be an excellent option. The flight controller is an Omnibus F4 v3 and it uses a 30 amp 4-in-1 BL Heli S ESC.

The camera is a purple Eachine branded model that has a clear picture. It is an 800 TVL camera and is connected to a 25-200-600 mw VTX. The VTX antenna I received was a pagoda style but seemed quite flimsy and I replaced it. After doing so my picture was much better and my range was more than adequate.

eachine wizard x220s

There are little things about the x220S Wizard that I really like. The LED setup is excellent. It has a very loud beeper. The Wizard even comes with a mount for your GoPro Session style camera. These are all nice little touches that help make the x220S an even better quad.

Wizard x220S RTF

eachine wizard x220s

The RTF or ready-to-fly package is nice for beginners as you’ll get everything you’ll need to get flying with the exception of the FPV goggles. This RTF package included the drone, extra props, battery, charger, remote and receiver. It was easy to get the drone in the air, and that is great for a beginner.

eachine wizard x220s

If you are looking for goggles I highly recommend the SkyZone 02C FPV goggles. I’ve used a handful of different pairs and I think these are the best in terms of performance and value.

My issues with the RTF package mostly come with the choice of remote. The Flysky i6 is good if you have never used a Taranis, but I find it flimsy and cheap. It certainly gets the job done, but lacks the refinement of a QX7 or even an X-Lite. I understand it is the low-cost option and getting a drone with a remote for about $200 really is a solid deal. I flew a few batteries with the i6 but then converted the receiver to FrSky and it now flies on my Taranis.

flysky i6 remote transmitter

The switches on the i6 weren’t set up to arm or change modes on the Wizard. It was bound to the radio but they didn’t bother to set up an arm or an angle switch for the quad. It is easily done but not a step that a beginner should have to deal with in my opinion. The Wizard x220S will fly without having to do so, but I like the safety of an arm switch and think it is an important thing to use.

Should you get the Wizard 220S?

eachine wizard x220s

Overall the Eachine Wizard x220S is a really nice drone.  If you are looking for a good 5-inch quad and don’t want to break the bank then this is a great place to start. Right now Banggood is running a summer sale and you can look to save on the Wizard x220S as well as on loads of other great stuff.

Order an Eachine x220S Wizard FPV Racing Drone

eachine wizard x220s

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