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Eachine Viswhoop with DJI HD FPV system

The Eachine Viswhoop is an interesting drone for sure. It is a cinewhoop style drone and it has the DJI HD FPV system on board. The Viswhoop uses the smaller and lighter Caddx Vista camera system. It might just be the least expensive, ready to fly drone that has the DJI system installed. This little drone is capable of carrying a session style camera and will offer you crystal clear HD video as you fly. There are some pretty interesting surprises on this quad.

Eachine Viswhoop

The Viswhoop is a 130 mm drone that only weighs 127 grams. You’ll be able to fly it on either 3S or 4S and shouldn’t have a problem keeping it under 250 grams. Adding cameras could be tricky, depending on what options you choose it might push you over 250 grams. The flight controller is an all-in-one F4 and it uses a BL_HeliS ESC that is rated to handle 12 amps. The 1204, 5000 KV motors are pushing 2540 2.5″ Gemfan props.

eachine viswhoop motors

The flight controller has a built-in SPI receiver with diversity antennas that supports Frsky D8 and D16 protocol. However, out of the box the quad has been set up to pair with a DJI remote using the Caddx Vista. The Caddx Vista is a camera, video transmitter, and receiver.

I highly recommend using the Caddx Vista as your receiver rather than the SPI because it will offer a much better range and signal quality. However, you can still fly the Viswhoop with your Taranis if you choose to. I have found the DJI system to be far superior to any Frsky receiver I’ve ever flown.

Flying the Eachine Viswhoop

eachine viswhoop from above

Every time I fly using the DJI digital FPV system I’m amazed. It is so much better than any analog system out there. Typically I fly with focus mode on. However, the Caddx Vista doesn’t have onboard recording like the DJI Air Unit does. If I want a clear recording and I don’t want to carry an extra camera I suggest flying with focus mode off. Focus mode allows the edges of your signal to degrade a bit to keep the latency low. With it off the picture will remain clear and the latency will increase. If you are flying nearby you can get by with it and you’ll be able to record some pretty spectacular HD footage from your goggles.

eachine viswhoop with dji caddx vista

The Eachine Viswhoop has good power flying on a 4S battery. As a cinewhoop it is actually pretty nimble. I’ve flown it on a 550 mah and an 850 mah battery and I think the sweet spot is probably a 650 mah.  It is much different than traditional cinewhoops like the HGLRC Veyron. It isn’t quite a toothpick and I feel a little like this drone is somewhere in between toothpick and cinewhoop. I like the added agility for a whoop but I don’t like the Viswhoop carrying a full-size GoPro.

eachine viswhoop
You get two extra prop guards, another set of propellers, a carrying case and some extras with the Eachine Viswhoop.

Overall the Viswhoop is a fun drone. If you are looking to get into the DJI digital FPV world and you don’t want to break the bank then the Viswhoop is a solid option. At $249 it is one of the least expensive ways to get a ready to fly DJI digital FPV drone.

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