Eachine Novice 3

Eachine Novice 3 – Best all in one FPV package

Flying FPV is an experience unlike any other. It is fast-paced, exciting and gets the heart pumping. But it also is expensive and confusing where to start. Building a drone can be cumbersome and finding all the right components that work together can be a challenge. Then there is the process of setting it up and configuring the settings. It can be a task. There are a few all in one packages that take the headache away and the Eachine Novice 3 is one of the best.  It is on sale right now for $199.

Eachine Novice 3

The Eachine Novice 3 is a ready to fly drone bundle. The Novice three is a toothpick style quad. The package includes the drone, charger, remote, goggles, carrying case and batteries. It is everything you need to get into the air. Not only that but unlike the Novice 1 and Novice 2, the goggles, remote and charger are actually good components. The goggles are the solid EV800 FPV goggles and the remote is a clone of the iRangeX transmitter and runs a version of OpenTX. The balance charger can be used with 2S, 3S and even 4S batteries.

eachine novice 3 rtf bundle

Eachine Novice 3 Specs

The components that go into the Novice 3 are also solid choices. The camera is the RunCam EoS2 and it can be adjusted easily. The Novice 3 has an F4 flight controller and the ESCs are rated at 10 amp (12 burst) and can handle 2-4S batteries. The AIO board of the Novice 3 has diversity antennas, so you’ll get much better range than the typical SPI receiver.  The motors are brushless 1203 5500 KV and pack a punch.

eachine novice iii

The video transmitter is the Eachine Pegasus and is switchable from 25-200-400 mw. I replaced the standard diapole VTX antenna with my own Foxeer Lolipop but I made sure I added a bit of Welder glue to hold the UFL connector in place. The VTX has an included DVR onboard the drone. You can record 720p analog video using a micro SD card. This is a nice touch and you won’t get the annoying breakup that you get when recording in your goggles. The VTX is smart audio ready.

eachine novice 3

Eachine even included a beeper and some fancy LED lights on the top plate. The bottom carbon fiber frame is 3 mm thick. The Novice III has a 135 mm wheelbase and weighs 62 grams without the battery. You can get a two-battery or a 6 battery package. I highly recommend the 6 battery package. The batteries are Tattu 450 mah 3S batteries and have a good amount of punch for this toothpick style drone.

eachine Novice 3 irangex

Should you buy the Novice III?

If you are looking to get into FPV and want an all in one package the Novice III is a great option. You won’t be able to fly this drone indoors like a tiny whoop package, so make sure there are some open fields nearby to fly. The components included are good and you won’t feel the need to upgrade right away. You can use the goggles and/or the remote with other drones if you decide to pick up a tiny whoop or even a 5″ quad.

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