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Dragonfly KK13 Drone – Is this an Anafi competitor?

The Dragonfly KK13 was clearly designed to look like the Parrot Anafi. Not only does it look like an Anafi but it shares a lot of the good qualities the Anafi has. It boasts a 4K camera on a two-axis gimbal. The Dragonfly KK13 also has GPS stability and intelligent flight modes. It is light, foldable and extremely portable. It even has the unique lookup ability of the Parrot Anafi so you can fly both over and under obstacles and get the exact shot you wanted. This sounds awesome, especially when you factor in the price. The Dragonfly KK13 only costs $179.99, whereas the Parrot Anafi starts at $699.99. Let’s take a closer look.

Dragonfly KK13

The Parrot Anafi is an excellent drone and one that I recommend to people that want to get into flying and taking pictures and videos. The camera is very good but the one thing that sets it apart from the rest is the gimbal. The unique lookup angle allows you to get shots with the Anafi that just are not possible on other drones. The new Dragonfly KK13 also has that unique gimbal with lookup ability.

dragonfly kk13 gps drone

Dragonfly KK13 Specs and Info

The Dragonfly KK13 has some impressive specs for a drone costing less than $200. It has a range of 1200 meters. Although the FPV range is limited to 700 meters. In reality, you’ll get about half that distance if you want to watch your video feed glitch-free.

dragonfly kk13 gps drone
The Dragonfly KK13 folds up just like the Parrot Anafi.

Dragonfly 4K camera

The “4K camera” has a 2592 x 1520 resolution and will take 4 MP pictures. The 4K seems to be upscaled and not true 4K. It uses a Sony IMX378 1/2.3″ sensor and has an aperture of 2.6. The gimbal does a decent job of stabilizing the images in both the pitch and roll axis, but there is no yaw stabilization. The gimbal doesn’t have a lot of travel so you will have to really work the remote transmitter to get smooth video. Yes, it does stabilize to a degree but I found most of my video still had some movements to it, especially if I was being aggressive. The Anafi gimbal does a great job of stabilizing to create buttery smooth video. That is not the case with the Dragonfly.

My camera had issues saving to the SD card. My files were corrupted for both video and photos. I’ve tried multiple SD cards but have had the same result. This is very disappointing as I really want to see how crisp this camera really is. I can capture video and photos and have them save to my phone but that never is as good as it is coming from the SD card.

dragonfly kk13 gps drone camera

The Dragonfly KK13 is a very stable drone using both GPS as well as an internal barometer and optical flow to help keep it stable. The powerful and efficient 1406 brushless motors give it a maximum flight time of 48 minutes. It is powered by a 7.6V 3000 mah battery and charges via a USB-C cord. It takes a solid 6 hours to charge the battery.

dragon fly kk13 gps drone

The remote transmitter is small and portable as well. It includes a place to hold your smartphone and comes with a rechargeable lipo battery.  The Dragonfly uses a free app connected via WiFi so you can view the video feed on your smartphone. You’ll need a newer smartphone with the AC protocol (sometimes referred to incorrectly as 5G) to use this drone.

dragonfly kk13 gps drone

The intelligent flight features like return to home, orbit, waypoints and follow me are accomplished through the smartphone app. The Dragonfly has a top speed of 30 kph or about 18 mph. The Dragonfly comes with a nice carrying case that can hold the remote, multiple batteries and some extras.

dragonfly kk13 gps drone

Dragonfly KK13 vs Parrot Anafi

So the question is how does the Dragonfly KK13 compare to the Parrot Anafi? Is it truly a competitor? No, not really. The Dragonfly KK13 is a good drone for less than $200. However, the quality of the pictures and the video just cannot compare to the Parrot Anafi. The flight modes and the user experience of the Anafi are much more polished. However, it is also a lot more expensive. A brand new Anafi will cost you almost $700 and even a refurbished Anafi is more than double the cost of the Dragonfly at around $400. The DJI Mavic Mini is a really good drone and another option at only $399.

dragonfly kk13 vs parrot anafi

If you are looking for a good beginner drone that won’t break the bank the Dragonfly is a good place to start. If you want a semi-professional tool for pictures and videos with Anafi-like capabilities then pick up an Anafi. If you are looking to save money a refurbished Anafi might be a good option. These drones look very similar but were built for very different pilots. The Dragonfly is an excellent place to start and the Anafi is a great place to end up.

Check the price of the Dragonfly KK13Check the price of a refurbished Parrot Anafi

dragon fly gps drone

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