Isometric view of the Whoop Chrome CAD model.

Whoop Chrome 3D Printable Frame

The Whoop Chrome frame is our answer for a 3D printable Tiny Whoop frame. This frame has some great features that are not standard on the stock Inductrix frame.

What makes this frame better?
  1. Build this out of ABS and it will not break the first time you make a hard landing. The stock Inductrix frame typically cracks after one or two hard impacts. This one will last at least a little bit longer if you treat it nicely. We could have made it thicker, but that would add weight.
  2. It easily secures the stock Inductrix battery (strangely not true of the actual Inductrix frame). Rubber band hooks allow you to use a small rubber band to keep things secured.
  3. It also accepts an Eachine battery and board if you are building a drone off of the E010.
Rubber band hooks for the Whoop frame
Two rubber band hooks will easily secure either the standard Inductrix battery or the Eachine batteries


Other Features

The frame has a couple other features worth noting. The motor is held snug by 4 cylindrical contacts. This design helps to deal with the somewhat inconsistent parts that come out of FDM plastic extrusion printers like the MakerBot or Prusa. The top cylinder is oversized and the 4 contact points are undersized. The U-shaped mount flexes to hug the motors and hold them securely.


Whoop frame motor mount and duct details
The duct is flared on both top and bottom. The motor mounts hug the motor with four partial cylinders for a snug fit that can handle 3D printer tolerances.

Since this part is printed, rather than molded, we are able to put a double flare on the ducts. This design is a little more aerodynamic and it also makes the frame a little stiffer.

Ask for More

Please send us an email if you are looking for changes to this model or you have a different drone-related CAD model you are just dying for – maybe we can help!