Half Chrome CAD Model Rendering DJI Tello

DJI Tello CAD Model – Free Download

Download our 3D CAD model of the DJI Tello for free. The files include the body and a separate part to close up the bottom of the quad. We successfully turned this into a real flying drone in less than an hour. The design excepts 8.5 mm diameter by 20 mm tall motors just like the real Tello. We used these motors and props for the build.

DJI Tello CAD model spinning GIF
Check out our DJI Tello CAD model from all angles

There is a platform inside the body that you can attach a board to using double-sided tape. The platform is flat and parallel to the ground so that the drone’s sensors are oriented correctly.

DJI Tello 3D Prints
Paint your Tello any color you like.
DJI Tello model weight
Fully loaded, our model weighs 80 grams just like the real Tello.

We took apart our Eachine QX95S, which also uses 8520 motors, and stuffed the board in our Tello model. The board will accept a single cell (1S) LiPo battery, like the one you might get with a Hubsan H107.

Replica Tello with bottom removed
We stuffed the board from an Eachine QX95S inside our Tello and soldered on the motors.

More Tello

We have a detailed comparison of the Tello and the Spark. We also detail the specs of the real Tello in this article.