DJI Evolve with us the world of work is changing

Evolve With Us – DJI Is Set For Another Anouncement

DJI recently posted on Twitter that they will be making yet another announcement, this time on March 28. The Mavic Pro 2 was originally rumored to be announced in March, but there are some indications that this announcement might be something other than a new Mavic. As we pick apart the details, the possibilities will surprise you.

Edited announcement image for DJI March 28
We edited the announcement to make it a little easier to see…but it doesn’t reveal much.

What We Know

Pretty much everything we can say for sure is summed up in the tweet shown below. Here are the facts:

  • Autor: DJI Enterprise (not DJI Global)
  • Tagline 1: The World of Work Is Changing
  • Tagline 2: Evolve with Us
  • Tweet: Over the years, DJI has reshaped the way creative minds view the world. Now, we’re changing the way you work in it.
  • Date: March 28
  • Location: Nowhere, this seems to be an online-only event.

What DJI WANTS Us to Believe

DJI is clearly positioning the announcement as a professional product. They used the DJI Enterprise account, not the DJI Global account, so that’s already a big hint. They also used the word “work” twice, indicating that this is not a toy or consumer drone. We have developed 6 different theories as to what we will learn about on March 28, all of which are exciting.

Theory 1: Mavic Pro II

DJI could simply be using the Enterprise account and commercial language to better position the Mavic Pro 2 as a professional device. Why would they do this? They would want to pitch the Mavic Pro 2 as a true pro device if it is either much larger than the original Mavic Pro or more expensive – there is a good chance that both may be true.

What evidence is there for this theory?

  • The Two Lens Image: The Announcement image shows what appears to be two lenses, one larger than the other. This could be done to contrast the size difference between the lenses of the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Pro 2.
DJI announcement Mavic Pro 2
If we scale the lens on the right to the one on the left the difference isn’t as great as the rumored 1-to-2.3 difference. That said, there is still a huge difference in size.
  • “Evolve With Us”: This language seems to indicate a product undergoing a serious evolution. Again, this could be a larger folding drone from DJI, called the Mavic Pro 2. The image would show the evolution from the original smaller camera to the larger Mavic Pro 2 camera.
  • Numerous bits of leaked information: OsitaLV and others have been happy to fuel rumors of an impending Mavic 2 release. With the Mavic Air gaining popularity it is time to phase out the Mavic Pro and move to something that is more clearly a professional drone.

Theory 2: Phantom Pro V2.0

With believable leaked images and a couple FCC licenses applied for, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 seems to be inevitable at this point, we have an article that outlines the details of the Phantom 4 V2 in detail.

Let’s discuss why March 28 may be the big day for the P4V2.

  • The Phantom 5 Is Coming: More leaked images are coming out every week of the Phantom 5. It looks to have a silver body and a camera with interchangeable lenses. The clock is ticking on the Phantom 4 Version 2, so they need to release it ASAP.
  • It Already Exists: The leaked images show that the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 will have new props. We have some ideas on what it might also include.

Theory 3: Phantom 5

Leaked images galore are popping up on OsitaLV’s Twitter account! We don’t think we are looking at the Phantom 4 V2 with these images because DJI wouldn’t make such a radical change to the Phantom Lineup and just call it a “Version 2”. The biggest evidence against the Phantom 5 being announced on March 28 is that they probably wouldn’t do it at the same time as the P4V2.

DJI Phantom 5 leaked image with remote
It looks like the Phantom 5 will be available in silver and have removable lenses.

Theory 4: Mavic 2 AND Phantom 5

Two Lenses, two drones. It would be neat if both drones were announced on March 28. DJI may be looking to make a big splash if rumors are true of the Chinese drone maker seeking funds for an IPO.

Theory 5: DJI MasterWheels

Maybe those circles in the announcement image are not lenses, but instead, they are the spinning wheels of the DJI MasterWheels. OsitaLV just posted a video of the Wheels at work. This contraption allows you to precisely and remotely operate the DJI Ronin 2 and Inspire 2. At least that’s the rumor. This theory would certainly be consistent the Tweet coming from DJI Enterprise.

Theory 6: Software

The tweet talks about DJI now “changing the way we work [in the world]” may be a hint as to some kind of video editing software. This would be pretty anticlimactic, to say the least. We think the phrase more likely relates to something like the MasterWheels.

Our Best Guess

With all the possibilities, we think the most likely announcement is the DJI MasterWheels. This would clearly be an Enterprise announcement and consistent with the apparent moving wheels on in the announcement image. It’s also very likely we see the Phantom 4 V2.0 announced, or that could come a few days or weeks later.

DJI controller for the ronin and inspire 2
A leaked image of the MasterWheels provided by OsitaLV.

Let Us Know What YOU Think!

Do have other ideas on what might be announced on March 28? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. As always, be respectful and add constructive comments. Thanks!


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