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The Best DJI Drones of 2017

DJI is the uncontested leader when it comes to aerial photography multicopters. Their Phantom 3 was a breakout drone that helped pave the way for the Phantom 4, Mavic and Spark. Their professional Inspire drones are used in Hollywood productions. They even have industrial drones for a variety of different applications. Here at Half Chrome, we’ve done the research so you can determine which one works best for you.

DJI Drones under $1000

We’ve put together some comprehensive tables to help you compare the best drones from DJI. The prices are approximate and based on the lowest prices we could find on either or Amazon. We haven’t included the Advanced models. They are excellent machines, but the “advanced” versions of DJI’s drones don’t have all of the advanced features of the Pro models or the excellent value of the “standard” models.

Best DJI Drone under $100
Prices are subject to change. *Range with the optional remote

DJI Drones over $1000

These drones are the heavy hitters in the DJI lineup. It is hard to go wrong with any DJI drone, but these are feature-packed and ready for action.

Best DJI Drone
Prices are subject to change. *Range with the optional remote. **With X4 camera. ***With X5S camera

Drones For Everyone

There are three drones we would recommend to any consumer who is interested in aerial photography: the Spark, Phantom 3 Standard, and the Mavic Pro. The Spark is the small, lightweight, ultra-portable drone that DJI designed for anyone. It was built to be simple and relatively inexpensive, yet it includes advanced features like obstacle avoidance and gesture control.

The DJI Spark viewed from all angles
See the DJI Spark from all angles

The Spark has a base price of $499, but that base package does not include a remote. We highly recommend the $699 Fly More upgrade. The Fly More package includes the remote, a second battery, and some other accessories.

Check the price of the SparkCheck the price of the Spark Fly More Package

Like the Spark, the Phantom 3 Standard also has a base price of $499. The Phantom 3 has a better camera and gimbal than the Spark, has a longer flight time, and can capture smooth video while flying faster. The Spark has the advantage of being much smaller and it includes the latest flight modes. Overall, the Phantom 3 is the ideal drone for the budding aerial photographer who is on a budget.

Check the price of the Phantom 3Check the price of the Phantom 3 bundle
Spark vs Phantom 3
Take a look at the Spark and the Phantom 3. You can see the Spark is much smaller.

The DJI Mavic may be the most impressive drone in the DJI consumer drone lineup. Its folding design allows the Mavic transform into a package the size of a water bottle. Despite its compact size, the Mavic still has obstacle avoidance, a 3-axis gimbal, and a 4K camera. The Mavic starts at $999.

Check the price of the MavicCheck the price of the Mavic Fly More Bundle

DJI Mavic Drone
Watch the Mavic transform before your eyes.

Professional Aerial Photography on a Budget

The Phantom 4 Pro is an impressive feat of engineering. It has a spectacular camera and 5-direction obstacle avoidance that is second only to the much more expensive DJI Inspire 2. The Phantom 4 Pro is the go-to drone for many professional photographers, even if they also own an Inspire. If you don’t need the impressive range or the top-notch camera of the Phantom 4 Pro then the Phantom 3 Pro and the original Phantom 4 are both more than capable of capturing high-quality images and videos while saving you hundreds of dollars.

Check the price of the Phantom 4 ProCheck the price of the Phantom 4 Pro Accessory Package

Phantom 4 Professional
The Phantom 4 Pro is one impressive machine.

Hollywood, Here I come

For those who need the best and most flexible aerial photography drones, DJI created the Inspire Series.  The Inspire Series features drones that are larger, faster and have a variety of different camera options depending on your intended use. The Inspire 1 v2 comes in just under $2000, but the Inspire 2 is by far the more impressive machine. The Inspire 2 has 7000-meter range, a 58 mph top speed, obstacle avoidance, a max flight time of 27 minutes and an optional camera capable of impressive 5.2K video or 20 MP photos. The Inspire 2 isn’t cheap starting at $2999, but after adding your camera it ends up being closer to $4,000 or $6000 depending on which model camera you pick.

Check the price of the Inspire 2Check the price of the Inspire 2 with camera package

Inspire 2 vs Inspire 1
Take a look at the Inspire 2 in grey and the Inspire 1 in white.

Industrial Solutions

If you are looking for an agriculture drone to help maximize your yields, do safety inspections or collect aerial data you may want to check out the DJI Enterprise Series of drones. These drones are highly customizable and you can add a variety of different cameras. These drones are capable of carrying a much higher payload than most other drones. You can even add third party applications depending on your needs. The Matrice series of drones are not cheap and the bare bones setup will start at $1999 for the Matrice 100 and $4999 for the Matrice 600.

Check the price of the Matrice 100Check the price of the Matrice 600
DJI Cendence
Take a look at the Matrice and Inspire 2 with the Cendence remote.

Whether you are looking for your first drone or a seasoned veteran, you can’t go wrong with a multicopter from DJI. They are constantly on the cutting edge of technology and they continue to push the boundaries of what it is possible to do with a drone.

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